Branding Your Home Space

May 8, 2015


Look up the definition of "Branding" and you will discover that it is all about identity, distinction, recognition, and association of positive qualities.

Branding has become a mainstream term in marketing companies online and in print. However, it also relates to people. Celebrities and CEO’s alike – they’re all attempting to have their best qualities and distinct personalities as their identifying marks, and public domain.

So what does this have to do with you and your home space? More than you may realize. Each day, as you return to your home and walk through your front door, you recognize exactly where you are. It’s your home that you have created through numerous personal touches. Keep reading if you want to understand how you are your home’s identity and vice versa!

Your Home is your Castle
In and around Jupiter, Florida, Schrapper’s Fine Cabinetry and Design is known as more that just a custom kitchen and bathroom designer and manufacturer. They are also recognized as authentic identifiers of their clients’ needs and dreams.

When the expression "your home is your castle" is expressed, Schrapper’s truly means it! Their design team actually listens and cooperates with your vision. How this translates to your satisfaction is by:

  •    Independent of trends, you are supported in your decisions with their guidance and expertise.
  •    The current year’s color chart is never dictated; you choose the colors that align with your taste, throughout every step of the project.
  •    Style is subjective; you tell Schrapper’s what style rings true with you, never the other way around!

Welcome Home!

Going back to when you walk through your front door; that feeling of "it’s good to be home" only comes from an authentic feeling of identity of self that is established when your designer has actually listened to your needs, and fulfilled them to the point of satisfaction. You know what you like, what makes you feel good and how that interplays with your family and your life. Continue branding your space and branding your life. Schrapper’s will insure that you and your brand are the backbone of your home space.