Bodacious Backsplashes: The Latest Trends

December 13, 2013

Backsplash Designing a kitchen or bathroom is one of the most fun and exciting projects in a home. As design becomes bolder and more inventive, each small detail can mean numerous options and decisions.

Not only have knobs, countertops and appliances taken on a life of their own, now backsplashes are making a splendid splash as the trend of tile only stretches to include every material under the sun!

Pick and Choose – They’re All Great! With so many options available, you can get a little dizzy. But don’t get too overwhelmed. Here are some options and ideas for you to consider:

  • Wood – The variety of woods with their palette of colors and signature grain patterns are an incredible addition to kitchen or bath. The one rule of thumb is to be sure that the wood has been treated for a damp environment.
  • Metal – Pewter, aluminum, steel, copper and bronze – you name it and it becomes your new fashionable backsplash. In sheets, strips and patterned tiles – it all works!
  • Stone – The array of stone materials is fascinating. Limestone, smooth neutral-toned pebbles, granite, marble and travertine have all made their debut over the last decade. This look can be country-cute or city-chic, and can fit into any style, from transitional to traditional.

Technically It’s Tile But that’s Where the Similarity Ends!
Tile has become the chameleon of kitchen and bath design components. The colors cover the complete spectrum of the rainbow, the shapes are square, rectangular, round, hexagonal and others we don’t even have a name for, and the materials range from ceramic and porcelain to bisque, glazed, gilt and glass. Tile can be found in both patterned and plain styles and as panoramic scenes. It’s an endless medium. Expect to experience a mini-adventure as you go shopping for these gems of every size, shape and color.