Beyond the Bathtub: Essentials for Your Bathroom

October 18, 2013

Bathroom Design Beyond, in or around your tub, we’ve stumbled upon some great bathroom essentials regardless of design preferences, lifestyle or age group.

Bearing in mind that the American population is aging, however gracefully, one of the best products we’ve seen come onto the market is the grab-bar by Moen. You can mount it just about anywhere and it will support up to 500 pounds. It’s a great safely feature for seniors and those physically challenged.

Another product that stands out is by Aging Safely Baths. Their latest product is a hydrotherapy tub that can be built-in (finished on three sides) or a freestanding version. These self-standing walk-in tubs are a huge boost for the seniors and those with physical demands.

Bathroom Bells and Whistles
Functionality is an important part of the bathroom, but fun and luxury is also an important part of your life. Who doesn’t want to feel pampered and special? These next products are the bells and whistles that are sure to put a spring in your step!

  • Stone Forest has an impressive collection of sinks called Pebble Vessels. The collection also includes fountains, seating and vases.
  • Walker Zenger has added a green product to their line with their AnTeak collection highlighting mosaics and tiles from reclaimed teak wood. A resin finish allows them to be used in damp areas.
  • Mansfield Plumbing introduces a rimless toilet, Cascade, which does not allow for dirt and stains to accumulate. It’s also Water-Sense-certified.

Spa style bathtubs have been around for some time now, but a little newer on the scene is the steam shower. For many this may be considered the ultimate in bathroom bells and whistles as it relaxes, induces better sleep, alleviates cold and sinusitis symptoms and detoxifies. Walk in feeling tired – walk out feeling alive!