What is the best wood for kitchen cabinets?

July 6, 2017

The best wood for kitchen cabinets is undoubtedly solid wood as it lasts longer and, properly treated, varnished or painted, solid wood kitchen cabinetry is durable. Solid wood won’t warp or absorb greases and spills that can result in impossible to remove food marks and drips – the way cheaper particle board does over time. Beyond that, choosing the best wood for your kitchen cabinets depends on what kind of look you are going for – and how much you’re willing to spend.

The most popular wood for kitchens and kitchen remodels

  • Oak: You could say that oak is the best wood for kitchen cabinetry because it is the most common wood used for kitchen cabinets. Oak is easily sourced (and therefore less expensive than many other woods that are, in general, no more or less aesthetically pleasing), highly durable and easy to stain to fit a desired look – from classic farmhouse and traditional to contemporary, transitional and ultramodern kitchens.

Budget woods for kitchen cabinets

  • Pine: Though it does not boast the natural character of oak, pine is also a very popular for kitchen cabinets as it easily sourced and inexpensive, and most types of pine wood are ideal for both staining and painting.
  • Maple: This is another budget-beating kitchen cabinet wood – known for a lovely grain that tends to show through any level and color of wood-staining.

Beautiful woods for kitchen cabinets

  • Mahogany: If you are going for contemporary contrast or a French-farmhouse style kitchen, mahogany kitchen cabinets lend a simultaneously classic, warm and rich look to any kitchen.
  • Cherry Wood: This extraordinarily lovely wood is ideal for bigger-budget transitional, contemporary and traditional kitchens, with its lovely red hue. Remember that cherry wood ‘reddens’ further with age and incorporate that into overall kitchen design.

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