Best Kitchen Storage Design Options

March 14, 2016

For most people, walking into a kitchen and seeing the elegant design work, usually leaves them so happy they forget to look at the available storage space. However, for people that are looking for a functional kitchen, going beyond the overall look is compulsory before making a decision on the room. Many designers including Schrapper’s Fine Cabinetry and Design realise the need for the kitchen space to be functional and have enough areas for storing items and other appliances. As part of interior design, finding ways to keep a kitchen design looking good while ensuring it is practical is a balance every designer must achieve.

Partitioned kitchen cabinets or drawers

Majority of the items that are used in the kitchen are stored away in cabinets or drawers until they are needed. The items are usually placed in these storage spaces in no particular order making it hard to access them when needed. However, with compartments integrated in the interiors of the cabinet or drawer, more space is created and accessibility enhanced.

Multifunctional storage spaces

For smaller kitchens, having storage that can perform two functions makes the space much easier to use. Cabinets that have countertops can be used for storage as well as space to place kitchen appliances that are regularly used. The multifunctional design on the storage option should be easy to operate as it will likely be used on a daily basis.

Hidden storage

Many designers are faced with the challenge of clients that want their kitchens having a clean look with no appliance out of place. To meet this request many have opted to create hidden storage areas that help keep all kitchen items as well as appliances out of view. These storage areas are designed to resemble a simple design that is replicated across the room leaving it looking neat yet functional.

For more information on our kitchen cabinetry storage options that you can have in your home, contact our team today. We have a wide range of options that you can choose from with some guidance from our experts.