Bathroom Vanities – A Cornucopia of Style

March 10, 2015

Bathroom vanity cabinetry is as varied and diverse as the owners of the house. Years ago there was a limited selection of cabinetry for the bathroom. Choices included a simple door, or a simple door with a raised or inset panel. That was it! Today, there is a cornucopia of outstanding styles, especially when it comes to vanity doors.

Rustic Country Charm

Weathered panel wood doors have been around for a little while now, as have louvered doors for linen closets. But combine a rubbed finish with inset louvers and you have a style that makes a statement!

Hidden in Plain Sight!

Some of the cabinetry door designs we’ve been creating employ materials such as opaque glass, textured glass, and colored acrylic materials. It gives an ethereal openness without showing the contents of the cabinet.

Spa Influence

Schrapper’s is so proud of the individuality of their clients, and the ability of their creative team to cater to each of the individual’s design taste preferences. While some clients like to have ample storage under the countertop, others prefer a minimal visual experience. A sculpted and treated wood countertop with one centered lower shelf for towels, gives a spa feel and a sleek design. Expertly folded towels can serve as a design element replacing the door. Brilliant!

Suspended Animation

Suspended vanities can lead to animated comments about the airiness and spaciousness of the bathroom. This same suspended design is great for linen cabinets and shelving, as well. Add a freestanding soaking tub in the center of the room and you may feel as though you can float away to sea!

The range of cabinetry designs and materials are so vast that rather than not enough of a selection, one can become overwhelmed with so much to see. The fantastic team of cabinetry experts at Schrapper’s makes sure this doesn’t happen: First by finding out more about you and what your taste preferences are, and second, by cooperatively figuring out the best options for you. The end result is a bathroom design that reflects you!