Bathroom and kitchen faucets can change the appeal of your home

July 18, 2016

Any stylish bathroom and kitchen design will feature top notch faucets that offer on-trend appeal as well as versatile functionality. It goes without saying that faucets are the most used item in both kitchens and bathrooms and therefore some thought should be put into choosing the right ones. Whether you’re preparing a family meal or enjoying a refreshing shower, the faucet that you use will play a role in the convenience and efficiency you enjoy.

Most faucets on the market will offer impressive performance, if you shop wisely and choose brands that are reputable. Faucets featuring modern designs with best quality internal components and durable finishes can make all the difference. In fact, they can ensure that a leaky faucet is the thing of the past and that hardware tarnishing isn’t something to even be considered. Selecting the right brand and quality of faucet can also provide you with the convenience of a life time warranty, reduced ongoing maintenance and repair costs and exceptional aesthetics too.

According to a recent publication by Consumer Reports, which you can read here, life time warranties offered on selected faucets actually cover working defects as well as the longevity and durability of the product’s finish. The trick however is to realize that only selected brands offer this type of peace of mind and that’s why it’s always best to consult with bathroom and kitchen design experts such as the team at Schrapper’s, before making any decisions about the purchase of new faucets.

Here are a few tips from industry professionals to ensure that you’re making a good faucet choice:

  • Opt for solid brass.
  • Trust products that make use of ceramic disc cartridges.
  • Inspect the product to ensure that all the metal seams are well-fitted, properly finished.
  • The faucet lever must move seamlessly and with little to no effort.

Of course you can find faucets with a brushed bronze, polished stainless steel, nickel or traditional chrome finish that offer exceptional quality and performance. PVD products, or physical vapor deposition products, have however proven themselves on the market in terms of the finish’s strength and durability. Any product that has gone through the PVD process offers corrosion resistance, is not prone to tarnishing and offers exceptional wear capabilities.

Any bathroom or kitchen needs to find a good balance between product functionality / durability and aesthetic appeal. At Schrapper’s we offer a range of faucets to complement our kitchen and bathroom designs that are of an exceptional quality too. Here are a few of our faucets that you might like to feature in your home:

Kitchen faucets


  • This kitchen faucet offers sleek, modern lines and an on-trend brushed finish. It can work well with marble, granite or stainless steel counter tops.


  • This kitchen faucet design is the home entertainers dream. It’s also great for a big family where efficiency and versatility is appreciated in the kitchen. The sleek stainless steel design won’t tarnish and the convenience of the extendable shower tap makes it quick and easy to rinse or deep wash any pot, pan, plate or cutlery.

Bathroom faucets

  • This bathroom faucet product is designed for the ultra-modern home. The angle of the tap provides for an unhindered flow of water and the entire unit is designed for durability and long term wear. Suits marble, granite, tile and a variety of other counters, surfaces and finishes due to its classic design and appeal.


  • This chunky designed bathroom faucet with brushed finish is perfect for the bold bathroom. Smooth moving tap leavers and a fashionable faucet design with flowing lines makes this faucet a popular choice for the modern homeowner.

Have your bathroom redesigned or renovated by Schrapper’s – the bathroom and kitchen pros in Florida

A well designed bathroom and kitchen can add aesthetic appeal as well as real value to your home and property. If you want a bathroom or kitchen designed and fitted with the best and most stylish faucets on the market, contact us at Schrapper’s for more information and advice today.