Bathroom design trends

July 11, 2016

A well designed bathroom is one of the best ways to revamp your home. Whether you want to make your house more livable for you and your family or you want to spruce up your place in order to lure home buyers, then spending money on your bathroom is the way to do it.

According to interior design experts, there are a few masterpieces that you can include in your bathroom design that will wow house hunters. These include steam showers, modern looking vanities, towel warmers or unique, large bath tubs. Make sure that anything you add to your bathroom design adds value to the space. Experts advise that things like fireplaces and televisions could actually be a turn-off for buyers, so avoid these items.

As bathroom design pros, we often advise clients to ask themselves a few key questions before they embark on any bathroom upgrade project. Ask yourself about the people who will be using the space, how it will be used and how you can create a floor plan and add value to the way this space will be used. The answers to these questions will give you the guidance you need to buy the right accessories, fixtures and lighting.

Some of the modern bathroom design trends include extra-large tile sizes, creating a small wall to conceal the toilet, water saving fixtures and skylights to enhance the natural light within the area. Other neat ideas include floor to ceiling tiles, very high windows that are placed close to the ceiling, modern shower systems, standalone bath tubs and floating vanities.

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