Bathroom Cabinets, Design & Remodeling

March 1, 2010

View Bathroom Photo GalleryAs you sink back into your deliciously scented, bubble filled tub and look around at the elegant spa you created with Schrapper’s design staff, your sigh of delight says it all. Luxurious cabinetry outfitted with the finest fixtures is just one of the signature design accomplishments that keep customers coming back for their next project.

Exquisite Design Elements

A diverse range of cabinets is the stepping-stone to creating the ultimate in bathroom design. Once everyone is on board with the style, the wheel is set in motion as colors, fixtures, lighting and mirrors are chosen to complement the well-constructed cabinetry.

What to Expect – or Not!

You may expect to receive an oasis of a bathroom or spa, but what you may not know (and should!) is that Schrapper’s pays attention to the details so you won’t have to – things like:

  • Supplying the right materials when installing in high moisture areas. All wood is properly treated for its environment as is the infra structure for walls behind sinks, tubs and showers.
  • Carefully reviewing your storage needs and making sure that your cabinets hold near and dear the items you use and need at your fingertips every day.
  • Reviewing your mirrors and lighting for optimum usage – what good is a mirror if the lighting is insufficient and you can’t see yourself!

The list goes on of how Schrapper’s continually and consistently gives more than you expect. But that’s just Schrapper’s way.

Schrapper’s – dedicated to designing your dream..

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