Aquariums: Discover New Age Calm

March 26, 2013

Perhaps it’s no coincidence that the popularity of aquariums is growing as many conscientious individuals become more and more concerned with the questionable conditions of our oceans and seas. At one time aquariums were integrated into the family room or on a smaller scale as a part of a youngster’s room housing their swimming pets. This is no longer the case as aquariums have evolved into a larger part of residential and commercial design.

One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish
Colorful fish have always been the focal part of an aquarium. However, as fresh water tanks begin to play second fiddle to saltwater tanks; home to more exotic and far more colorful species, both enjoy newer and more creative architecture in the construction of the tank cabinetry.

Aquariums Are Popping Up all Over the Place
The question isn’t where will you find aquariums, it’s more like where won’t you find them! Aquariums are popping up in the most unlikely of places yet, once you discover these constructs of calm, it makes perfect sense.

As you begin your next design project consider these locations that integrate the calm of water and the natural beauty of colorful floating species, with the unparalleled architectural design of this age:

  • Bathroom and spa
  • Under a curved stairwell
  • Kitchens: both indoor and outdoor
  • Alongside your flat screen television set
  • As a freestanding structural column in an entrance

The possibilities are endless as is the relaxing pleasure you receive gazing at the underwater activities of some of nature’s best creations.

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