April Is National Decorating Month: Five Fantabulous Ideas!

May 9, 2013

You have only to saunter into the magazine section of a bookstore to get totally swept up into redecorating. The selection of magazines is staggering – all offering different perspectives, dozens of interesting styles, hundreds of crafty techniques and thousands of accessories that’ll knock your socks off!

What’s helpful to remember, while you’re drooling over complete redesigns, is that you do not have to go "the whole enchilada" when wishing to freshen up the rooms in your house. You can make small yet important changes that breathe some new life into each room.
Idea N°1 – Space Planning
Take a good look at the room from the doorway. If it is easily viewed from the window, go outside and take a gander. Having a new perspective can add pizzazz! You might realize that the bed in your daughter’s room would look a lot better place under the window. Add some bolster pillows and voila! It’s now a daybed!

Idea N°2 – A Little Color Goes a Long Way
So what if you can’t repaint your whole house. How about one wall in one room? If the beige walls in your living room are giving you a case of the beige blahs, why not select one other color (think throw pillows, pottery collection or artwork) and take a trip to the paint store. There you can have the paint specialist mix up a batch of Sherwin-Williams Habanero Chile red or Benjamin Moore Enchanted Forest green.

Idea N°3 – The Piece of Furniture that Fits Everywhere!
If Aunt Marie’s little end table that you’ve hidden in the basement is far too memorable to throw away, then why not give it some new life out in the open? A quick sanding and a coat of paint can work wonders. All of a sudden you have that extra (and usually very much needed) piece of hall furniture where you can rest your handbag on the way out, or drop your keys on the way in!

Idea N° 4 – Time to Regroup
Similar to space planning for your furniture, you can regroup your mirrors, prints and paintings. It may take a few tries or some new frames to ground your theme, but the results will pretty much amaze you.

Idea N° 5 – Accessories Are a Quick Fix
The wax-sealed jars of herbs and citrus fruits sitting atop your upper kitchen cabinets may be begging for a reprieve. Perhaps it’s time for some greenery, woven baskets or copper elements. Whatever you decide, the change will be refreshing.

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