Design Checklist

Design Checklist - One Step at a Time

Schrapper’s is well versed in the step-by-step design procedures for each and every one of their products. For this reason you are encouraged to review this list of questions to discover more about your own lifestyle and how it reflects in the outcome of your choices.

Important Considerations

Important decisions are going to be made, so it is vital for you and your family to consider the following:

Have you sat down together to draw up a budget?
Do you want an Eco-friendly kitchen – designed with certified materials?
Have you drawn up a list of needs, wants and desires in order of importance?
Are there plans to reconfigure the room and, if so, have you verified if permits need to be pulled?
Do you or any member of your family require special considerations for space and/or height of counters?
Does your lifestyle lean toward minimalist and hidden from view or eclectic and busy?
If your kitchen is also a homework hub, will you be requiring technology space and accessibility?
Putting the “Fun” in Function

After you spend an appropriate amount of time reviewing the important considerations, it’s time to think about equally important, yet fun, details of the upcoming project.

How many people are in your household?
Is your kitchen a multi purpose room? List its functions.
Are you looking to increase the amount of storage in this room?
How would you describe both your personal and family’s lifestyles?
Do you like to entertain in this room of the house on a regular basis?
What types of woods and stain colors have long-term appeal to your family?
Have you given thought to kitchen efficiency: counter space, appliances and specialty storage requirements?
Do you have a preference of brand of appliances and type of energy: gas or electricity?
Would you like to have an interesting island and, if so, would it be outfitted with a second sink or accommodate small electrical appliances?
Do you prefer bar height or standard seating – wood chairs or upholstered?
If you spend a great deal of time in the kitchen, will you need general, task and ambient lighting?
Have you calculated space requirements such as: 36 inches for high traffic area flow, allowing counter space beside the stove and refrigerator?

There are more than a few questions that need to be reviewed when considering a new kitchen. When you contract with Schrapper’s you can rely on them reviewing every detail of each part of the project. The groundwork that is completed prior to “breaking ground” is part of Schrapper’s assurance to you that your design plan is of the utmost importance to them.