Why Schrapper’s?

Schrapper’s: Dare to Compare!

It is a well-known fact that today’s customers spend more money on purchases while receiving less service. Schrapper’s Fine Cabinetry and Design is pioneering a new way – one customer at a time. The old adage “You get what you pay for” may be misleading in the sense that hidden costs and unexplained additions to the original quote often occur when dealing with less than experienced “sales people.” Whether you end up going with Schrapper’s or another company in the industry, Schrapper’s wants you to be armed with an arsenal of information that puts you in a better position to make a final decision.

The Distinction of Working with Schrapper’s

When working with Schrapper’s you are assured of products and services that rate higher across the board than the Big Box stores. Have a look at how Schrapper’s can improve upon your new kitchen or cabinetry project experience in the areas of: time, talent, cost, quality, delivery/installation, warranties and service.


With Schrapper’s you never stand on line. Your time is valuable and the appointment that you schedule in the showroom, or in your home, is respected. The designer that meets with you stays with you. There are no other customers interrupting or infringing on your time during your special consultation. This policy continues throughout your project through to completion and installation. When your time is booked it never gets bumped for another customer.


Unlike the Big Box stores that give a brief course on selling their products in each department, Schrapper’s team of dedicated designers are accredited and educated in design. Their distinctions and past accomplishments set them apart and miles higher than the employees of department stores that serve you after taking crash courses in multiple areas of store inventory. The talent continues on into the custom manufacturing facility and up to and including the installation process.


The cost of “off the rack” cabinetry can be very misleading. When overseeing your own project through one of these franchises, you become the general contractor. This means that you are responsible for oversights and costly mistakes. Schrapper’s, on the other hand, has quoted thousands of projects and is not in the habit of forgetting to factor in every component of the job.

When the time comes to contract with the company of your choice, the industry standard practice is to give a 50% deposit on the job. You want to be sure that the company is stable with a solid reputation. Schrapper’s Fine Cabinetry and Design has been around for over 30 years in the same area.


The quality of a product or service is a vast unknown for many. Schrapper’s believes that knowledge is power; therefore, every product carried in their showroom has spec sheets that delineate the properties of each item. Additionally, the key components (structural elements) is explained with great care. You are apprised of the level of quality for every brand carried. As for the quality of the Schrapper’s team, you have only to meet with them once to know they rank “first-rate!”

Delivery and Installation

The final stages of your design project are delivery and installation, and should go as smoothly as the first stages of consultation and product ordering. Unlike others, Schrapper’s is as interested and concerned that the finished product gets to you in a timely fashion and that great care is taken to install your new cabinets. A project can “unravel” at this step. Unlike the mass-produced products and randomly sub-contracted delivery and installation people that are used by the Big Box stores, Schrapper’s pays close attention to supplying goods that are in great condition and installed by professionals that are knowledgeable about cabinetry and do this and only this for a living.


Schrapper’s offers a lifetime warranty on all cabinetry for the interior of your home.


If you were to summarize the abovementioned points, they could be wrapped up neatly and concisely in one word – Service. There is a very good reason why Schrapper’s Fine Cabinetry and Design has been around for the length of time they have … great customer service underwritten by professionals who know their business and conduct it with the greatest value placed on integrity.

Schrapper’s – dedicated to designing your dream.