A Sleek Peek at Entertainment Centers

June 23, 2014

Entertainment centers are anchors that pull together a room to make it functional and attractive. Yet, they have become so much more than simply pretty shelving for a television set and some books. They are an evolutionary process, as are most of today’s furnishings; systems of design and storage elements that mesh for the ultimate in creativity and space planning.

If you haven’t checked out what’s on the market of late, here’s what’s going on: 

  •    Two-Toned. Wood, laminate and metal two-toned designs are springing up all over the place. Not since the Biedermeier blend of ebony and blond have colorful pairings been so popular. And expect almost any color and material combo, from turquoise and white laminate to copper and bronze pairings.
  •    Hydraulic Systems. Remotes for the TV, sound system and lights are wired to include hydraulic. Raise your TV, close your tambour doors – it’s all possible with hydraulics.
  •    Reconfiguring the Design. At first the entertainment center was a wall unit, specifically constructed for the task at hand – housing the audio and visual components in the den. Modular, built-in, freestanding: the creative design of these units is shifting. There are now wrap-around styles that connect living room with dining, incorporating a unified feeling from one room to another.

 Lighting Options

Nothing is typical anymore. It’s all changed. Lighting in an entertainment center can be as simple as a flush mounted high hat or as dramatic as back or side sconces, crystal bedecked and glass or fabric shaded. LED lighting has never had as many options. This is a way to ameliorate the ambience in your home through varying shades of light and numerous options for color.

Entertainment centers have become the control towers of great rooms and their presence in a home has become a major component of resourcefulness and comfort.