A Day in the Life of a Kitchen Designer

November 3, 2014


What drives professionals to do what they do each day? Most will answer that passion is what fuels them and keeps them coming back. But what specifically are they coming back to?

Our kitchen designers are some of the most creative and talented people you’ll ever get to meet. Aside from the creativity and raw talent, what sets them apart?

The fact that they have to reinvent themselves every day as they collaborate with every type of taste under the sun is a monumental factor. Coming up with new ideas, one after the other is as necessary for them as the air they breathe.

A Kitchen Designer’s Personal Calendar

Today you get the inside scoop as we share a kitchen designer’s day with you. The day is filled with time spent at the drawing board, meeting with clients, filling out questionnaires, finding the right materials and samples, and, and, and…

The Contemporary Kitchen

One of our clients has contracted for a contemporary design. There has already been a preliminary meeting where they’ve gone over the kitchen design checklist and questionnaire that reveals important information about the family that is going to enjoy the new kitchen.

Today, between nine and ten o’clock, our designer is going to the house to take field measures and photos. Once she gets back to the office she will begin rendering with a software program that has elevations and three-dimensional drawing capabilities to generate an image (picture) of the desired room. She will also start pulling some materials, color samples and gather pictures of appliances from the library. Before you know it, it’s one o’clock and time for lunch.

Mediterranean Outdoor Kitchen

Many of the homes in Jupiter have ample back yards – spacious and well appointed. This afternoon our designer is visiting new clients who are looking to build an outdoor kitchen to accommodate their large and active family. They want both a bar and formal dining area, so our designer’s got her work cut out for her.

Before you know it, it’s late afternoon and she’s heading back to the office and showroom to prepare for tomorrow’s appointments: a transitional kitchen and a traditional European look, as well as sitting at the drawing board to continue working on today’s projects. As far as she’s concerned – life is good!