7 Tips to Optimize Your Kids’ Built-In Closet

June 9, 2014

Closets are a fun place to let your imagination go wild. Although, when it comes to your children’s rooms, it can be a little tough to get your moppets to keep it looking nice. We’ve got seven super solutions to help you out!

  1.    Keep it wide open. If keeping your kids’ closets organized is like lighting a match in a windstorm, remove the doors and keep it visible. You’d be surprised how well this works.
  2.    Keep it colorful and fun. Bring the mix and match color scheme of the room right into the closet. Paint the walls and shelving in coordinated paint colors.
  3.    Use the tricks of the trade. What this means is, there is often more space than meets the eye. Take a good look to see where there is space being underutilized. 
  4.    Continue using your colors. It shouldn’t stop at the walls! Plastic and coated hangars now come in a variety of colors, as do all sorts of storage bins, baskets and boxes. Your imagination can run wild here.
  5.    Wide-open spaces still need light. Even with open spaces shadows will occur, especially at night. Make easy and safe lighting options available so the kids can find, and replace, items removed.
  6.    Organization begins with a strict rule. To keep your new closet system in organized mode, remember the strict rule of deleting before you add. You can only fit so much into this engineered space before it becomes disorganized.
  7.    Before you start, get your committee together. You may be surprised how much more successful your closet redo will be if you genuinely involve your kids. They will take so much more pride in its upkeep if they have “ownership.”

For a final bit of fun, have your kids photograph “their” work and post on Pinterest.