7 tips for designing your outdoor kitchen

November 7, 2016

If you’re living in Jupiter, Florida and you aren’t dining in the gorgeous outdoors, you’re doing it wrong! One of the greatest advantages to owning property in Florida is the weather and we’re here to tell you that if you don’t have an outdoor kitchen yet, it’s time to get planning. Outdoor kitchens in Jupiter are a big hit, not because they’re a passing fad, but because they’re just plain phenomenal. Not only will an outdoor kitchen add value to your property, but it adds an element of luxury and enjoyment that not many homes have the opportunity to offer.

At Schrapper’s we will bring your dream of the perfect outdoor kitchen in Florida to life. Simply let us know what you want and we’ll work hard to make those elements a reality. If you are struggling for creative inspiration or you just aren’t entirely sure what you want, we’re here to help! Below are 7 of our top tips for designing Florida outdoor kitchens:

  • Make sure you stick to good kitchen design principals for the functional areas of the kitchen. Sure, the kitchen is outside, but it still needs to be functional and comfortable to use;
  • Opt for materials and kitchen equipment that are low maintenance. Remember, these items will be semi exposed to the elements – cater to that fact and you’ll succeed;
  • Design the kitchen to flow from the home and into the outdoors: the design elements of your home should be reflected in the kitchen so that it doesn’t look awkward or out of place attached to your home;
  • Remember to cater to storage space. Outdoor kitchen cabinets must be well positioned, manufactured from durable materials and properly installed;
  • Don’t forget to be smart about your utilities. Plan ahead of time where your plug points, gas and water supply will need to be. Don’t leave those details to the last minute;
  • Remember that the sun doesn’t always shine. Sometimes it might rain! Cater to weather changes with awnings, screens, umbrellas, heaters and similar. Changing weather doesn’t have to mean that you can’t enjoy your outdoor kitchen;
  • Incorporate sufficient lighting in the cooking and food preparation areas. The kitchen needs to be well lit in certain areas, but in the social area you can install lighting with dimmers or use lanterns, lamps, fairy lights and similar.

Need more outdoor kitchen design tips? Ask us for more at Schrapper’s.

Great outdoor kitchen design advice for your Florida home from Schrapper’s

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