7 Beyond Basic Bathroom Ideas!

May 30, 2013

You don’t know how special and important your bathroom is to you until you’ve traveled to the far corners of the globe and returned home weeks or months later. True, you kick off your shoes and recline on your comfy sofa or throw yourself onto your duvet-wrapped bed, but the bathroom is the place where you clean up and feel fresh after a soothing bath or invigorating shower. We’ve got some really great trends to share with you to help make your bathroom design all the more special.

#1 – Large Patterned Wall Tiles
Create cabbage roses with a dozen different shades of mosaic tiles or check out hot air balloons and tulips scaled to fit four or more tiles. You can have a minimally decorated bathroom and let your walls talk!

#2 – Color Me Clever
Who says drawer interiors need to be boring? Drawers and doors are left open from time to time so why not let your color spill out and shine! Blue, yellow, red, green – it’s all good and fun. You can also color code the interiors for each of your children.

#3 – Carve Out Your Own SpaceYou have your own sink so having your own mirror also makes sense. It’s also a way of continuing the room’s design through certain elements such as a wood frame to match your elegant cabinetry by Schrapper’s Fine Cabinetry.

#4 – Vessel Tubs Are Terrific
The bathroom fixture industry has outdone themselves. Check out the variety of styles and the way they are installed. Create a masterpiece by giving it its own deck. Modern or classic, porcelain or copper, the choices are incredible.

#5 – Outdoor Lighting Makes Sense
Many outdoor fixtures are elongated to give more light at night. This makes sense in your bathroom where you shave, tweeze and apply makeup.

#6 – Double Towel Bars
This two for one style floats one set of towels in front of the other. You can place your heavier bath towels at the back never having to disturb the dressier hand towels in front.

#7 – From Hotel Bathrooms Come Great Ideas
If you’re planning to stay at the Peabody in Orlando, prepare to be wowed. Not only do they know how to design their lobbies and rooms, but they also think about useful amenities such as under floor cabinet lighting with motion sensors.

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