5 Tricks when Kitchen Design Materials Run Short

October 31, 2014

Kitchen cabinetry countertops and appliances, the major components of your new kitchen design, are chosen prior to demo so as to have everything ordered and ready to go when that step of the project is underway. But what happens when something you want, need to have, is in short supply?

We’ve put together a few ideas that we know you’re going to appreciate!


Hard surfaces aside, textiles are used in several areas of the kitchen: 

  •     Seating
  •     Table Linens
  •     Window Treatments 

Here are Kitchen Design tricks  1, 2 and 3!

1.  If the fabric you’ve chosen for your kitchen chair seats and backs is a yard or two short, choose a secondary fabric to complement that of the seats and use the complementary one for the backs. You can also use color blocking for piping when running short for your upholstery projects.

2.   Two-sided table linens are a wonderful way to have more than one color and pattern option when you run short of your first selection.

3.   You can get playful with window treatments by using two different fabrics – one for the side panels and the other for the valance.

Have you fallen in love with a specific drawer knob only to find out it’s in limited supply? If "eclectic" is your middle name, tricks 4 and 5 may have you falling in love again! Maintaining high style and scrumptious color try:

4. Choosing a mix of spoon, knife and fork drawer pulls if the forks you wanted were in limited supply. This helps you stay with the same style idea and adds an extra "interest" component.

5.  The same applies to color. When using a multiple-color scheme and choosing enameled or glass knobs, choose two different colors. For example, if your color pallet is white, pewter and black, choose clear glass for the drawers and onyx black for the doors.

There’s always another and often better way to have the kitchen of your dreams!