5 Exciting Features to Include in Your Bedroom’s Custom Closet Systems

May 6, 2019

Are you planning a custom closet system for your bedroom? Here are five exciting features that you should include:



  • Accessories for Storage and Organization


Your custom closet system needs to be well-thought-out based on your wardrobe and accessories. Some of the accessories that can be included for added storage and organization include fold-out ironing boards, shoe racks, jewelry drawers, and belt racks.



  • Lighting and Mirrors


If you have a walk-in closet, then you obviously want to be able to get dressed in your closet and see how your outfit looks. Mirrors can be expertly fitted behind doors or in pull-out panels. Specialized LED lighting can also be carefully placed so that you have full sight of all your options.



  • Materials and Finishes


When you opt for custom cabinetry, you don’t have to stick to standard-sized white or brown panels. You can have shelves and racks in varying depths and in a wide variety of materials and finishes. Some of your options include solid color melamine, wood grain melamine, textured melamine, stained wood, wood veneers, painted plywood or other paint finishes in virtually any color. Schrapper’s even specializes in creating closet systems utilizing leather wrapped columns and leather doors and drawers!



  • Extra Hanging Rods


A great tip for those opting for built-in cabinetry is to include an extra hanging rod. This rod can make the world of difference when it comes to organizing your clothing in a space.



  • An Island


If you have room to play with, an island in the middle of your closet can be a show-stopper. This will give you extra space for folding or other closet items.


We understand that you like to look your best whether you’re working out, staying in or dressing up for an event. You like to have everything organized and at your fingertips so at a moment’s notice you can pull together any outfit for any occasion.


From housing your footwear to your hats – we have custom closet systems that work with you and your needs.


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