4 Outdoor Kitchen Ideas From Kitchen Design Experts

April 4, 2023

If you’re considering outdoor kitchen ideas, you’ve made the right choice. Outdoor kitchens are beautiful and unique. With an outdoor kitchen, you can cook a delicious meal with your family outside or entertain your guests while enjoying stunning weather and scenic views. An outdoor kitchen design is also a great option to boost your property value. 

If you’re considering adding an outdoor kitchen to your home, there are plenty of great kitchen design ideas to consider. Here are four outdoor kitchen ideas from kitchen design experts to help inspire you.

Built-in Outdoor Kitchens

A built-in model is a popular outdoor kitchen style. These kitchens are designed to be permanent elegant fixtures in your backyard or can be built into a patio or deck area. 

Custom Built-in outdoor kitchens can be suited to every need or Lifestyle. You can add features like a grill, sink, refrigerator, and side burners for the easiest way to cook in your entire home! Why not add a beautiful countertop, which can be made from a variety of elegant materials such as Natural Stone or the latest technology of Porcelain countertops which take up to 600* heat and are all but impossible to stain!

L-shaped Outdoor Kitchens

L-shaped styles are popular outdoor kitchen designs that suit every taste and budget. Do you have a larger backyard or aim to create a dedicated cooking and entertaining space for outdoor gatherings? An L-shaped outdoor kitchen will help you to achieve the space and ambiance you desire. They can include a grills, sink, and refrigerator, as well as ample counter space and storage for cooking and entertaining. 

The L-shaped design is also great for creating a flow between the indoor and outdoor spaces of your home. For example, if you are entertaining guests, an L-shaped outdoor kitchen positioned near your indoor kitchen creates an easy transition between the two areas. Guests can move food and drink between the two spaces without missing out on the entertainment! 

Outdoor Kitchen Islands

A kitchen island is not only functional but also adds beauty to your outdoor space. Outdoor kitchen islands can be moved around your backyard, allowing you to create different cooking and entertaining areas depending on your needs. You can take it up a notch with unique additional features such as a built-in refrigerator or bar height seating.

Just don’t forget to consider the size and shape of your backyard when designing your outdoor kitchen island. You want to make sure that the island doesn’t take up too much space, and that it’s positioned in a way that makes sense for cooking.

Outdoor Bars

Whether you regularly entertain guests or just want to add a bit of fun to your outdoor space, an outdoor bar can be the perfect addition to your backyard. With a bar, you can mix and serve drinks while entertaining guests all night! Outdoor bars can be built into your outdoor kitchen or positioned as a standalone feature. 

Schrapper’s Fine Cabinetry, Inc. Outdoor Kitchen Design Experts

If you’re interested in an outdoor kitchen, it’s important to work with a design expert who can help you create a space that’s both functional and beautiful. Professional kitchen designers who are familiar with the latest, proven materials for Outdoor Living Spaces can help you choose the right layout and features for your outdoor kitchen, ensuring that it meets your needs and complements your home’s overall design.

If you’re looking for a trusted and experienced outdoor kitchen design expert, consider Schrapper’s Fine Cabinetry, Inc. With over 40 years of experience in kitchen and cabinetry design, our design experts can help you create the outdoor kitchen of your dreams. Our Team of Designers and craftsmen can work with you to customize your outdoor kitchen, ensuring that it meets your needs and exceeds your expectations. 

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