4 Fantastic Bathroom Space-Savers

February 16, 2015


Bathrooms are the smallest rooms of the house but often bring out the interior decorator in homeowners. The thought is that with a couple of cute items, such as a designer shower curtain and some prints on the wall, the bathroom can gain a pulled-together look.

If you have great ideas but limited space or budget, then these next ideas might be perfect for you!

Countertop Space
The number of grooming supplies that the average household uses numbers in the dozens. When two family members share a bathroom, it doubles. Too often the products and cosmetics start filling up the counters because there is no more space under the sink and in the drawers. Two ideal space savers are:

• Drawer Dividers. Drawer dividers prevent smaller items from toppling over, and end up holding much more than an un-partitioned drawer. You can find them in bamboo, coated metal and wood.
• Cabinet Etageres. These etageres give double the amount of space vertically. In doing so taller bottles and shorter jars can co-exist!

Toilet Paper – A Handy Holder!
There is a product that not many know about, but it’s worth its weight in gold simply by its ability to either free up floor space or in between the commode and bathroom cabinetry. Over the tank toilet paper holders come in several styles and can hold one or more rolls of paper. They come in a variety of shapes and metal finishes, and some are in whimsical designs.

Storage Towers
Another storage system for under the counter is a slim, slide out storage tower. It may be possible to use more than one (on either side under the sink) and the smart two-sided open design creates optimum visibility when products are packed in, two and three deep.

These space-savers can free up enough space to give you a cleaner canvas to create your new design. Additionally, they can be used in other rooms of the house. You can never have enough storage space!

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