3 Ways to Bring Your Bathroom Back to Life!

November 11, 2014


You’ve just renovated your kitchen from floor to ceiling and you’re now looking longingly at your master bathroom renovation, which is scheduled for next year. But your schoolmates will be arriving for a visit next month! What can you do to breathe a little life into your master bath in just a few short weeks???

Old friends visiting generally means giving the house tour, and that fifteen-year-old bathroom is going to look pretty drab after they see what you’ve done with the kitchen cabinetry, floors, countertops, backsplash and lighting.

There are ways to inexpensively perk up the aging bathroom, starting with:

Get Your Paint On…
One of the least expensive ways to freshen up any room in the house is with a fresh coat of paint. First figure out what paint colors will pleasingly complement things that you won’t be changing, such as: 

  •    Tile and backsplash
  •    Cabinetry and countertop
  •    Bathtub, sink and commode 

Your inspiration may come from one decorative tile in the backsplash, however, if there’s not a lot to work with, try pulling from nature; a potted succulent on the counter or a flowering tree outside your window.

The Soft Side of Style
Next up, change the textiles in the room. It’s amazing how different a bathroom can look with a new fabric shower curtain, bath mat and rich, thick bath towels. The room immediately takes on a sense of chic. Replace your liner at the same time and don’t forget about what’s framing our your window. A cute valance adds so much.

Reflecting Your Taste
Last, but certainly not least, you can change out your medicine cabinet mirror. All it takes is:

A screwdriver to remove the hinges
A tape measure to measure the dimensions, adding an extra inch on all sides
A mirror hanging kit to accommodate the size and weight of the new mirror
Reorganize your drawers with baskets to store the small items from the medicine cabinet

If you opt to replace your bathroom accessories at this time, go shopping with your upcoming renovation in mind. Your friends are going to love new bathroom! Check out our bathroom gallery.