3 Best Practices for Designing Bathrooms

March 21, 2016

Getting the bathroom scheme of your dreams usually depends on the final design that is done in the room by the designers. Majority of designers take into consideration the personality and functional needs of a client when creating the final design for clients. At Schrapper’s Fine Cabinetry and Design we go way above the norm to ensure that your final bathroom design is to your satisfaction always. Even so, we usually abide by the following three basic best practices when designing bathrooms for clients but can incorporate others depending on the project at hand.

  • Create storage space

Most bathrooms have cabinets that are usually used for storage of items used daily or as regularly as possible. To personalize the room, you can opt for custom bathroom cabinets that can be made from special material or even painted in an unconventional color. These cabinets which can be fixed on the wall or under the sink will infuse style into the room but still remain functional especially if the bathroom is much smaller.

  • Invest in lighting

Lighting plays a big role in the overall design of bathroom space as lighting fixtures can be placed in different levels of the room. Most time, lighting fixtures can be placed at both high and low levels to bring out important aspects of the room and create a relaxed ambience as well. The low levels to introduce lighting are the shower area and the bath tub while lighting at the high level can be around the mirror among others.

  • Use appropriate fixtures

It does not matter whether your bathroom is small or large, getting the appropriate fixtures will determine whether the final design will be satisfactory. For smaller bathrooms select appliances and features that will make the room look bigger, while larger bathrooms would require fixtures that make it look luxurious and functional. Some of the important features for bathrooms include cabinetry and appliances for the room.

For more information on important interior design tips for your bathroom, contact Schrapper’s Fine Cabinetry and Design team and get everything cleared up for you by our experts.