2014 – Proof We’ve Entered a New Kitchen and Bath Design Dimension

January 9, 2014


Kitchens and baths will never be the same again. They have entered a new dimension, and no one is planning on going back to where they were. We are truly living in a "space-age" world. Electronics and automobiles not withstanding, kitchens and baths are advancing in leaps and bounds.
Where’s the Showerhead? Seriously?
You may have visitors scratching their head as they search for the showerhead in your guest bathroom. Kohler has developed a new contemporary design, incorporating the showerhead directly into the tile. Twenty-two nozzles set into your choice of colored tile (white, black, brushed nickel, etc.) gives one of the sleekest looks yet.
Extreme Kitchen Appliances
There was a joke at one time as the watch industry continued adding feature after feature: alarm clock, stopwatch, luminescent dial and more. The joke was, it could also make your coffee in the morning. Kitchens are burgeoning domains of technology. Enter – the refrigerator that can:

  1. Let you know when you are out of milk. It’s true.
  2. Order your milk for you. Yes it can.
  3. Drink it. No – not really. We’re pulling your leg here!
Full Steam Ahead
Technology, in the general areas of the home, has picked up steam and increased at warp speed, adding value to everyday items: showerheads with built-in lighting, motion sensor faucets, dichroic glass (changes color and luster depending on angle viewed), temperature adjusted heated tub surfaces and a smartphone app that tells you when your faucet filtration system’s filter needs to be replaced. Did we mention the delicious details of the newest in steam ovens?
Needless to say, this millennium has made history on all technology and design fronts. If we’re positively stunned by what 2014 has brought to the table, we cannot even imagine what 2015 holds for us.